Jose "Raymond" Navarro

Developer and Operations Director; Recognized entrepreneur with over 20 year of experience in the quick service, fast food and full service restaurant industry and the entertainment industry. Has been a franchisee, franchise developer and franchise consultant and has developed marketing strategies, product launches and implementation of new systems at every level. His experience includes Internationally recognized franchises such as Subway, Pollo Tropical, and Pizza Hut and local franchises including Antonino’s Pizza, & Panchitas Pub among others. In the entertainment industry Raymond has excelled in event planning including renowned international and local artists and has been a key player in many album launches. The food and beverage industry are his passion and he lives everyday with a genuine interest to serve his clients and provide excellent service to his client based which in turn provides quality service to all.

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Ariadne latorre, esq.

Experienced attorney, mediator and software engineer with specialized knowledge in the real estate, construction, franchise and insurance industries. Has worked closely in the design and development of franchise concepts and provided advise in all areas including contract review and preparation.  Ariadne has over 15 years in the insurance, real estate, franchise and property management industries thus providing peace of mind to all who she serves. She is focused on results and providing the advice necessary to stay ahead of the game.

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Why Are We Different?

Unlike other consulting firms, we provide real time ADVICE and FEEDBACK focused on the current economic, personal and governmental current issues.  Every business has a unique combination of timing/location/economic factors that play an important role in its planning and development.  We customize every concept and business strategy to fit the needs and factors for each industry and situation.

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